Upcoming Events

Lots of great events coming up in the Carolinas:

1/18/2013  Charlotte, NC:  We’re hosting a Windows 8 “Office Hours” at the Microsoft Office.  More info here.  Essentially, if you’re looking for time to hack on a Windows 8 solution, work on ideas, test some stuff out, enlist some testers – we’re there for you. 

1/19/2013  Columbia, SC:  Windows 8 DevCamp.   This event is really shaping up to be great!   Interesting sessions, and hands-on time in the labs.   If you’re in the area and want to get up to speed on Windows 8, or finally get around to starting or finishing that idea, be sure to come out.

1/22/2013 Charlotte, NC:  The developers guild is hosting Phil Japikse, in town for the Columbia Win8 DevCamp.  Phil will talking about ASP.NET MVC4 – from mobile features, the Web API, templates, and more.

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