Windows 8 DevCamp: Raleigh

Microsoft RD Jim Duffy and I are hosting a series of events, kicking off with a Windows 8 DevCamp in Raleigh on Sept 25th!  I’m the brains, Jim is the talent, so don’t miss it.  Sign up here!  (Just kidding about Jim being the talent Winking smile)

The DevCamp is designed to not only introduce you to developing on the platform, but also take active steps through the design, development, and submission phases to get your app into the marketplace.  Here’s the rundown:

October 26th is right around the corner!

Time is ticking away and the time to act is now! Microsoft Developer Evangelist Brian Hitney and Jim Duffy want to help you get your app in the store in time for the October 26 Windows 8 launch. Come join us on Tuesday, September 25, at 9:00 AM in the Microsoft RTP offices to learn how simple it can be to construct a world class Windows 8 application. Don't think you can be ready to join the Windows 8 launch? Come anyway. You might be surprised. Don't have any idea what kind of app to build? Come anyway. They're are plenty of places to look for inspiration. Either way you can learn what it takes to create or tune an app for Windows 8 and publish it in the Windows App Store.
(Registration opens at 8:30 AM.)

Windows 8 Overview and the Windows Store

Haven't seen Windows 8 or know what it takes to get an app in the Windows Store? We'll cover that here. Drink your coffee because this first session will dive quickly into Windows 8, the platform, the changes, and the Windows Store, allowing you to monetize applications in a number of ways from in app purchases to subscriptions to trials.

Cookbook I: Design Templates and Style

In this session, we'll talk about the design principles for Windows Store applications – controls, color, typography, and general guidelines to follow to deliver the best user experiences. We'll also dive into the development choices and tooling support available. We'll begin with the built in templates and show how we can quickly scaffold a data-driven application called the Contoso Cookbook.

Cookbook II: Data, Contracts, and Settings

You've seen the Cookbook. But, how do we leverage data? How do we expose our data to allow users to search and share from the app? We'll explore these options in this session, from storing data, retrieving data via a web service using an in app purchase, to implementing search and sharing contracts, we'll look at the code that makes this possible. We'll also show how to store data locally, as well as roam preferences that can follow a user automatically as they log in to different devices.

Cookbook III: Application Bar, Tiles and Notifications

We've got the Cookbook well under way; now it's time to add some polish. We'll look at using the app bar for common tasks, and spend time talking about leveraging "live tiles" to create an up-to-date, engaging tile for your application. We'll also look at using Notifications, and how applications can run either background agents for various tasks, or be notified from a remote service using the Windows Notification Service.

Hands On: [Your App Here]

Now it's your time. Fire up your laptop with Windows 8 Release Preview (or RTM) and VS Express 2012 loaded on it and get ready to code!

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Steve Moreno
Steve Moreno
9/29/2012 7:46:58 AM #

Thanks for the Event!!!  Please let me know if you are having an event in Charlotte.  

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