Rock, Paper, Azure: Why US Only?

Over the past few days, we’ve gotten many requests from those outside the United States who would like to play Rock, Paper, Azure.  Some have even said, “I don’t care about the prizes, I just want to play!”   So what’s the deal?

If we could simply enable the contest to be worldwide, that would be awesome!    But, when prizes are involved, it’s not a simple matter.   There isn’t an easy mechanism by which to say, “it’s ok to enter, you just can’t win.”  Just to provide a little transparency here, there are legal hurdles and frankly, the team that put this together is only a few people doing something part time.   Because we’re in the U.S. subsidiary, our main focus (naturally) is on U.S. – not that we want to exclude anyone, of course. 

So what’s next?  First, we’re working with our colleagues in other subsidiaries to enable this in more countries, if at all possible.  It won’t happen on week 1, but hopefully we’ll get there over time.   If you know your local DPE evangelism team, be sure to contact him or her and let him know you’d like to play – if you don’t know who that is, leave a comment here in my blog. 

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4/4/2011 5:40:53 AM #

can you please point me to the evangelist team in Germany?
Thanks in advance.

4/6/2011 2:23:27 PM #

Sure -- check out Holger's blog here:
and Tim's blog here:

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