New Worldmaps Reporting Site

Thanks to the folks at Infragistics, there’s a new reporting site for Worldmaps!   This Silverlight application not only looks great, but provides many new ways to drill down into the data:


One of the cool things you can do is easily compare to sites – the app has tabs that allows you to add multiple sites (unlike the still-existing old dashboard which showed only your neighbors in the leaderboard):



What’s even cooler is playing around with the Gapminder stats:


A Gapminder chart is ideal for animating data over time in a way that a simple 2-D chart doesn’t.   The bottom line is: this app is so much fun just to play around with.   Many thanks to Jason Beres, Mihail Mateev, Riddhima Shelat, and others (I’m sure I’m leaving people out!) for making this possible!  

Check out Mihail’s post here on the project!

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Mourad Louha
Mourad Louha
1/16/2011 4:54:30 AM #

Hi Brian,

firstly thanks for offering this really great tool for free Smile

I'm using Firefox and I got a little problem when comparing two sites. I noticed, that when I load the first site, go to the chart statistics - by location and then load a second site, the stats data is not updated for the selected site. Meaning, the data is shown for the firstly selected site.

Regards Smile

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