Project Location Not Trusted Tip

Ever get a dialog box like this when opening a project?


This can occur under a number of scenarios – for example, opening a solution on a network share.  But in this case, the files themselves were tagged while being downloaded (as you can see in the path – it’s on my desktop).  If you right click the solution file (or other file in the group), you’ll see the file is tagged as such:


The problem is, all files in the group have to be unblocked, and if you’ve got a large project, it can be somewhat of a pain to do that.  There are two solutions, then.  If you have the original Zip/Rar/whatever archive file, you can unblock that file, and then when the rest are abstracted, you’re good to go. 

Second, if you can’t do that, you need to remove the block on all of the files in the solution.  Sysinternals/Microsoft has a tool to do just that: streams.  Streams is a command line tool – you specify a directory and it can remove the streams for you (-d switch).  The –r switch will allow it to recurse subdirectories:


Next time the project is opened – presto! No warning.  Head over to the sysinternals site here.

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