Flash -- no x64?

I can't believe I haven't noticed this sooner, but Flash doesn't support 64-bit?!


Ouch.  (Just got this page when trying to run Flash in IE on Vista x64.)

So, sure, I can run a 32-bit IE but why should I have to?  Further digging finds this old Slashdot post.

Chad Brooks and I finished our first Roadshow today in Raleigh where we dove into Silverlight.   Obvious comparisons are made between Flash and Silverlight, and while I'm not looking to go tit-for-tat on features, I'm floored that there's no 64-bit version.  I say this expecting some heat: but just like Adobe introduced H.264/MPEG-4 video support, I think x64 will come, too.  Thanks Silverlight :)  Competition is wonderful.
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