Silverlight: Install Order Does Matter!

I've been getting *killed* by trying to get Silverlight Alpha 1.1, Silverlight RC 1.0, VS2008 beta 2, and VS2005 all to work seamlessly.  Despite uninstalling/reinstalling various ways, I kept getting nothing but pain: missing dll references, mainly, but I can't fix that despite adding registry keys and/or pointing to the assemblies directly in the Silverlight folder.  (Apparently there are a few known issues and we're working on a patch to correct some of these issues.)

Well, I was about to give up completely but read Doug's post on his install order.  I decided to give it a shot, so I uninstalled everything relating to Silverlight.  I then followed his install order, except I didn't touch VS2008 beta 2.  That install was a bit too long so I figured I'd give it a whirl without uninstalling/reinstalling it. 

Amazingly, everything seems to be working fine now!  Wow.  Normally Doug is pretty far off on these things, but this one is gold. :)  Thanks Doug!

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8/13/2007 7:59:13 AM #

I'm happy to show you the way, grasshopper Wink

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