Channel 9 Guy Goes to Red Hat

I have had a great couple of weeks and need to do some blogging catch up.  This, though, couldn't wait.  Earlier today, while at the Ruby Hoedown in Raleigh, I ran into the Channel 9 Guy at Red Hat HQ. 

I'm not quite sure what he was up to, but he took me on a tour of the building.  Fortunately, I had my camera so here are some highlights.  Click for a larger version.

Here he is signing in.  First visitor of the day!
While waiting, he enjoys a nice beverage.
Hanging out in the conference room.
I gave him my contact info and he jotted it down.
"Hi mom!"
Among good company!
Fun with refraction 1.
Fun with refraction 2.
Where's the Nine Guy?
Where's the Nine Guy, part deux?
I see you!
9 Guy said, "If Microsoft ever kicks me to the curb, I know where I'm going."

Thanks to Rob Zelt for his help, and thanks to Red Hat for playing along!  I've spent 3 of the past 7 days there, attending barcamp last weekend, and I'm looking forward to going back some day...
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