*gasp* Registration

In some of my recent plumbing work to the site, I modified the state handling and decided along with it to modify the administration, since the two frequently rely on one another.

Perhaps I've succumbed to peer pressure or just common sense after so many people have commented, "I'm surprised you have so many pictures hosted on the internet." A few times I dug through the logs and realized the pictures are the most trafficked area of the site.

What's really scary is that I have no idea where all this traffic is coming from. In a virtual sense, I feel like people are just breezing into my living room when I'm not around and leaving almost no trace of having been there.

I really don't mind the traffic, but decided I need at least some control factor in place ... so hence, the registration this site now supports. Kind of like how realtors leave a business card on the table before leaving.

Anyway, for those that read the blog and also visit the pictures section (the two are almost mutually exclusive), I say this: my online photo galleries are still open game for anyone -- even if you don't know me. Feel free to use a bogus e-mail if you want to, but you will need to register via an activation link.

I hope this isn't too inconvenient for anyone -- but if it is, then you shouldn't be looking at my pictures :)
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