Microsoft DevRadio: How to Get Started with Windows Azure

Peter Laudati and I kick off our new Windows Azure series by giving us a tour of what’s new in Azure with Windows Azure Web sites, Virtual Machines and Mobile Services. Tune in as we provide a brief overview of Azure’s many services and features as well as how to get started with a free 90 day trial. After watching this video, follow these next steps: Step #1 – Start Your Free 90 Day Trial of Windows Azure Step #2 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development Step #3 – Start buildi... [More]

Windows 8 DevCamp Charlotte 10/12!

Don’t forget – we have our weekly Windows 8 DevCamp in Charlotte tomorrow, 10/12! In this week's DevCamp, we'll dive into Sharing, Settings, and Roaming. We will also cover some tips and tricks for developing Windows 8 applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Finally, we'll also spend a few hours going hands on to ensure the best experience for your app! For more information and to register, visit

Windows 8 Event Resources

Here are some resources for the Windows 8 Events we’re doing in Raleigh & Charlotte: Slides and Cookbook App: Contoso Labs: Badges/Glyphs: What happened to “Metro”?!   They’re now “Windows Store Apps” … Looking to manage and view Windows Azure storage accounts?  C... [More]

Coding for Kids #3. Bugs!

In the first post, we introduced the problem.  We’re writing a program that solves the problem of finding 100 point words, where each letter in the word corresponds to its position in the alphabet (A=1, B=2, Z=26).  In the second post, we coded the basic solution that allows the user to enter a word, and we calculate the result. We have a bug, though, because we made the assumption that the letters passed in are lower case.  The word “automated” is a 100 point word, but “Automated” is displa... [More]

Coding for Kids #2. Code!

In my last post, I introduced the problem we’re trying to solve via an introductory computer program:  finding 100 point words where each letter of the alphabet corresponds to its place in the alphabet (A=1, B=2 … Z=26).  At this point, we’ve built the basic template for the app, but haven’t yet written any code.   It’s time to write some basic functions (or methods) that help solve this.  For coding veterans, remember – this initially is about solving the problem as a beginner an... [More]

Windows 8 DevCamp: Raleigh

Microsoft RD Jim Duffy and I are hosting a series of events, kicking off with a Windows 8 DevCamp in Raleigh on Sept 25th!  I’m the brains, Jim is the talent, so don’t miss it.  Sign up here!  (Just kidding about Jim being the talent ) The DevCamp is designed to not only introduce you to developing on the platform, but also take active steps through the design, development, and submission phases to get your app into the marketplace.  Here’s the rundo... [More]

Coding for Kids #1. The Beginning.

My daughter, a 5th grader, has shown an occasional interest in programming but having so many frameworks and platforms available today is both a blessing and a curse.  I began to learn programming by hacking Maxit, Hunt the Wumpus, Adventure, and others.   There were no graphics, no internet, no multiplayer. I saw her doing working on something when it occurred to me this would be a fun afternoon project to solve via code.  She was looking for “dollar words” – words that added up to 10... [More]

Windows 8: Cannot Connect to Printer

I have a Canon MP830 USB printer hooked up to my always on workstation at home, and this is shared so that anyone in the house can use it to print.   I haven’t had any issues until trying to add the printer in Windows 8.  When I tried to add the network printer: It looks like the printer is being added ok, but then I would be given the dreaded 0x00000002 error: This is a driver issue.  But what I couldn’t quite understand is why.  The drivers were all 64 bit, it’... [More]

VS2012 Launch Event Materials

This post contains information and updates needed for the Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Azure launch events: Download for the Azure Track Hands on Labs: Windows Azure Free 90 Day Trial: Windows Azure Benefits for MSDN Subscribers: Windows Azure SDK: Updated Intro to Windows Azure Virtual Machines Hands On Lab: h... [More]

Charlotte Windows 8 DevCamp 9/8/12

This coming Saturday, 9/8/12, we’re putting together a 1 day Windows 8 DevCamp!  Check out the details here: What we decided to do is put the best content from ou Technorati Tags: windows 8,development,charlotte,microsoft r other Win8 DevCamps (typically 2 day), and create an essential, what-you-need-to-know day of content to help you get an app up and running quickly.  In addition, we decided to build the entire content around the Contoso Cookbook sample app... [More]

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