Rock, Paper, Azure is back…

imageRock, Paper, Azure (RPA) is back!   For those of you who have played before, be sure to get back in the game!  If you haven’t heard of RPA, check out my past posts on the subject.   In short, RPA is a game that we built in Windows Azure.  You build a bot that plays a modified version of rock, paper, scissors on your behalf, and you try to outsmart the competition. 

Over the summer, we ran a Grand Tournament where the first place prize was $5,000!   This time, we’ve decided to change things a bit and do both a competition and a sweepstakes.   The game, of course, is a competition because you’re trying to win.  But we heard from many who didn’t want to get in the game because the competition was a bit fierce.  

Competition:  from Nov 25 through Dec 16, each Friday, we’ll give the top 5 bots a $50 Best Buy gift card.  If you’re the top bot each Friday, you’ll get a $50 gift card each Friday. 

Sweepstakes:  for all bots in the game on Dec 16th, we’ll run the final round and then select a winner at random to win a trip to Cancun.   We’re also giving away an Acer Aspire S3 laptop, a Windows Phone, and an Xbox Kinect bundle.  Perfect timing for the holidays!

Rock Paper Azure

Check it out at!

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