Windows Phone 7 App Roundup for 10/18

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here’s what is catching my eye this week in the phone Marketplace:

Shazam (Music & Video), Free

Sample a few seconds of a tune, and Shazam uploads and parses what tune you’re listening to.   Pretty cool.  I’ll be honest, I’m much more interested in this technically than practically, wondering how the algorithms work, fuzzy matching, etc.   Practically speaking, I would get a lot more use out this if radios didn’t do the “song ID” thing that is prevalent in most modern radios.   Since it’s free, it’s a must download.

Flight Control (Games/Strategy, Xbox Live), $4.99 (has trial)

Lots of fun!  You basically pilot an onslaught of aircraft and drag them to a landing strip.  The game is surprisingly fun – but, what I like most about it is that it feels like it’s made for the phone – the touch interface is great.   While it is upgraded from the iPhone version to contain achievements, the $5 price tag seems a bit high.

BowlingXX (Games/Sports & Racing), $1.99 (has trial)

The first bowling game for WP7.  What I really like about the game is the controls.  You can swipe your finger to set a ball path that determines trajectory/power/spin, or use the accelerometer and bowl “Wii-style.”   This game would be a lot of fun to have online multiplayer, however for the price tag that’s not too feasible. 

OpenTable (Lifestyle), Free

Great way to pick a restaurant last minute.  Not too much in my local area, but I live in the sticks so I didn’t expect much.  Nice, clean interface.

The Eye (Games/Puzzle), $0.99 (has trial)

Built by ‘softie Michael Hawker, a VERY tough puzzle game.  :26 seconds is my best time, but it was purely accidental.  The game has gotten a few criticisms of being too tough, but then again, so is the Rubik’s Cube.  Essentially the game contains two outer rings that change color when you tap the inner ring.  The idea is to rotate and change the colors until they are all the same solid color.  It took me a little while to get how the game works, but I like the simplicity.

BluesBox (Music & Video), $1.29 (no trial)

This app has two strikes out of the box:  no trial, and a (at first glance) vanilla interface.  The single screenshot doesn’t help much.  But, to see this in action, see this YouTube video.    Looks cool!   Think Guitar Hero with a bit more musical control.   I think it’s worth the price of admission and seems like a lot of fun, but Mat needs to offer a trial and, since I’m sure this will sell pretty well, use the first couple hundred bucks to hire a designer :)

Drum Machine (Entertainment), $0.99 (has trial)

This app and BluesBox can team up!  Actually, while Drum Machine isn’t quite as engrossing (IMHO) as BluesBox, DiNoGames nailed the interface and options, and was wise to include a trial.  It’s pretty fun!   Next time you want to nail someone with a “Ba-da-dum” you can either use my app (SqueakBox) or, drum it out yourself with Drum Machine.

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