Windows Phone Emulator and Fiddler

On an internal alias, Eric Lawrence chimed in on setting up Fiddler for the Windows Phone 7 emulator.  This is really useful, of course, for monitoring traffic to/from the emulator … since so many apps are use data services, this is a must have feature.

The first step is to set the local machine as a proxy … in the IE LAN settings (or via the control panel) like so:


In the Fiddler options, configure the Fiddler listen port and allow Fiddler to accept remote connections:


In my app (SqueakBox), I display a user guide as a web page.  I made this choice to facilitate changes (much easier to publish a new HTML page!) … if I open that page up in the emulator:


I can see the traffic in Fiddler:


Success!  In my next post, I’m going to discuss two snags I ran into with the Microsoft Ad Control – one of which I discovered while using Fiddler. 

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