Marquee Lives!

I’m helping to organize some East Region Azure Boot Camps ( – stay tuned for more info! – and had a humorous moment while surfing the various reg pages we have in place.

Our Click To Attend registration site is using … I can’t believe it … a marquee tag!  See for yourself, but it’s short lived for maintenance. 



Now, this is 100% Click to Attend and nothing to do with the event on the page.  The event, by the way, is the Ft. Lauderdale Azure Boot Camp!  Awesome full day event (cramming 2 days into 1!) … if you want to learn more about Azure and are in the Ft Lauderdale area, be sure to check it out!

More ABC’s coming to Atlanta, Charlotte, and more areas soon!

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Chris Eargle
Chris Eargle
4/17/2010 3:17:10 PM #

I'd love to come out if I can get away from work.

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