Azure Miniseries #3: ServiceConfig vs web.config

One of the challenges developers will face when developing Windows Azure web applications is: where do I put my settings?  In the ServiceConfiguration file or the web.config?

There isn’t one correct answer.  The challenge of keeping everything in the web.config is that it makes changes and deployment much more difficult.  Because the web.config is part of the deployment, any change to the file also requires a redeployment.  If you use a build system that targets your dev/stage/QA/prod environments automatically and can provide the correct settings in the web.config for you, this might mitigate the problem.

The answer then is to migrate these settings to the ServiceConfiguration file as it requires no changes to our deployment package.  In this screencast I’ll show you some strategies for doing that for components that are more difficult to migrate, like the SqlMembershipProvider…

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