Customizing your Worldmaps

I admit that site design is something that often takes a back seat when developing Worldmaps, but in the recent migration to Windows Azure, I added a few new minor customizations to the maps.

When you log into your account, you should see a list that contains all of your current maps:


From this screen, you can either modify a map, or create a new one.   When creating a new map, you’ll see a simple form to fill out:


All of the information that is required for the map is the URL and Leaderboard.  The latitude and longitude fields indicate your home location.  You can use the home locator map on the bottom of the screen to help in this regard, or you can leave this blank.  Without this information, some statistics cannot be calculated.  The Leaderboard indicates which category best suits your map.  Is it a personal blog?  A technology blog?  A personal site?   Pick the one that best fits your site – this can be changed later.

The last box, Invitation Code, is for premium accounts and changes the way the data is stored for the given map.  I described this briefly in my last post.   For scalability reasons, most new accounts will be under the new scheme – if you need more detailed information (such as # of unique IPs), contact me for invitation code. 

Customizing your Map

Once your map is created, click the edit button next to your map to customize the colors.  The form should look similar to:


When the app is drawing your maps, you can control the colors used in drawing the circles.  Feel free to experiment with some color choices.  The four values you can customize are explained on the form.  Use the Silverlight-based Color Picker to find a color and copy that value into the text box of the value you’d like to change.  Or, you can enter values directly into the box if you know the hex-value of the color you’d like to use.  When done, click Save.  In general, the maps will be redrawn reasonably quick depending on how much work is currently in the queue.  Customizing the colors is a great way to add a little personalization to your maps!

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