MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow Soon…

Happy summer!  Our next roadshow series are coming up in September – be sure to register soon!  This time around, we’ve come up with the following topics:

Session 1: Building Connected Silverlight Applications
Silverlight is a compelling platform for building visually engaging applications that run within a browser. Many sessions focus on building UI, but not too many address how to effectively interact with services, either on the web or within your organization, from Silverlight. In this session, we’ll examine how to consume a variety of services from Silverlight, like SOAP, REST and WCF. We’ll highlight tips & tricks for communicating securely and efficiently with services, as well as how to debug effectively. We’ll also look at creating interesting mashups in Silverlight using the wide variety of services that are available on the web today.

Session 2: Patterns for Building Modular Silverlight and WPF Applications
Have you ever wondered how to build applications that employ rich, flexible user interaction, data visualizations and role-based behaviors in a way that is modular?  In this session, we will explore the Patterns and Practices Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight, also known as Prism.  Prism allows applications to be built so that they can be developed, tested and deployed by different teams which promotes extensibility and re-use.  Prism provides a cleaner separation of between the user interface and the business logic of the application.

Session 3: Exploring ASP.NET Futures
ASP.NET is continuing to evolve!  In this session, we’ll explore what is coming in ASP.NET 4.  We’ll begin by looking at changes to ASP.NET Web Forms by looking at control enhancements, viewstate, and page-level enhancements.  We’ll look at changes to the core services that provide more robust output caching, permanent redirects, and auto-start web applications.   This session will also explorer updates to ASP.NET AJAX and improvements in the Visual Studio 2010 web designer.  Finally, we’ll explorer the ASP.NET MVC Futures including asynchronous controller actions, strongly-typed helpers, and other various improvements.



AL, Madison


GA, Alpharetta


GA, Augusta


NC, Charlotte


NC, Raleigh


See you there!

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