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I think the Fry’s in Seattle has the same thing, but last time I was in Atlanta, I snapped this picture while going into Fry’s.  Glen Gordon and I laughed about it – my initial thought was, “Wow, they catch enough thieves that they need a dedicated police spot?  They can’t just park in front of the building?”  But, then I realized that it is precisely what they want you to think.  Clever. 

My next thought was, “Who spelt ‘vehicle’ wrong?”  The text on all three lines is centered and the last character blacked out on vehicle.  I thought at first maybe it was an “S” until someone realized you can’t put multiple vehicles in a single spot, but it looks like an “E” if you zoom in on the image.  Ah, the boring things geeks do.

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8/9/2009 4:21:24 AM #

This is a great idea because the Fry's parking lot is a thief's paradise.  Think about it... a store filled with computer and tech gadget enthusiasts who drive cars loaded with gadgets.  I was walking back to my car at the Fry's in Tempe, AZ and saw someone run up to a car, slim jim the door, then pull out the stereo all in less than 20 seconds before his friends sped him away in a getaway car.  The getaway car was a bright orange Dodge Neon with flames on the side and I got the license plate number for the cops.  They were fast but not smart.

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