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The Worldmaps users queue is getting big!  Just wanted to thank everyone for their interest, but in response to so many emails, I thought I should explain how to get signed up on Worldmaps. 

After creating an account, it must be approved before the account can be used.  The main reason for this is to slowly ramp up on bandwidth to make sure the service (both website and database) are providing a good experience.  During high volume, the service is processing many requests per second – obviously, not a ridiculous load in the scheme of things, but for a small service with no budget, it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.  Currently, however, the service is getting more user requests than are approved daily, so there’s a backlog forming.  We’ll get through it in time, but it does require culling the sites that don’t fall into the acceptable use parameters.

Technical blogs and personal sites will generally get approved first.  At this time, commercial sites cannot be approved.  Over the coming months, I’ll be looking more at a Windows Azure implementation that will allow more growth and hopefully, allow just about all sites to “play.”  One new feature hopefully to be released with this implementation will also be website categories – instead of just a single leader board, there will be multiple leader boards and users can select the one most appropriate to their domain.  Stay tuned! 

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Janakiram M.P.
Janakiram M.P.
7/19/2009 1:47:25 PM #


I registered myself the very moment i started my blog recently. I didn't notice the little message on top of the account creation and was waiting to just get a notification from the site. Then, I revisited to make sure I read this message. It is really a good tool everyone would love to have. Unfortunately, if the blogs are approved after sometime than the date they actually register, the site will loose to keep track of the past statistics.

Now that Worldmaps stumbler is added afresh, a really wonderful tool to have, again, it is only helping existing users and not the new users.

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