ASP.NET University!

I am thrilled to announce that Glen Gordon and I will be presenting ASP.NET University in Atlanta, on July 16th.  For info on the event, visit this page:

ASP.NET University is part of a the .NET University series started by Doug Turnure.  It covered .NET 3.0 -- and since then, several other "University" series have been developed for Biztalk and Sharepoint, with more on the way.  Check out the .NET U home page.  I'll have the content loaded on the site shortly, and we'll make periodic updates over time.  So what's in ASP.NET U?

1.       ASP.NET Overview:    We’ll talk about the project setup and options, and have a brief discussion about Webforms and the page lifecycle and where user controls, server controls, and master pages fit in.   We’ll also talk about some of the security options available, and we’ll stick our feet in a bit deeper and discuss some of the more advanced topics like custom HttpModules and effective caching strategies.

2.       ASP.NET AJAX:  Learn how to leverage ASP.NET AJAX in your applications.  We’ll look at getting started with some straightforward examples, and we’ll look at troubleshooting and profiling AJAX code to get the best performance possible.  We’ll also look at consuming web services and WCF services straight from AAJX.

3.       ASP.NET MVC:  Looking for more design abstraction?  MVC may be for you.  Based on the model-view-controller design pattern, ASP.NET MVC allows clear and clean abstractions of data, logic, and presentation tiers. 

4.       Servers and services:  First we’ll take a look at what’s new in IIS7 for web developers.  After a brief tour, we’ll check out some cloud-hosted services from – like how to integrate Virtual Earth, use the Live Search API, gadgets, and more.  A fun way to end the day!

As Glen points out, all of the .NET U content is friction-free, well documented, and easy to consume.  User groups can take it, code camps can use it -- it's all about spreading the knowledge. 

I'd like to thank the following people for helping me get this content shipped: 
Rob Zelt, for his assistance with the MVC Framework content.
Jim Duffy, for his assitance with the Virtual Earth and Gadgets section.
Scott Forsyth, for assistance with the IIS7 content.

Interested in having us present the content locally?  Let us know! 

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