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Glen and I just finished our Mobility show in Charlotte and Atlanta, and the feedback has been really positive.  For those who came out, thank you!  Special thanks to Chris Craft for co-presenting with us.

Glen posted his resources here in his blog post, and I'll do the same here.

First up, my quick "2 hour demo" (the app I built 2 hours before the event) that demos integrating Live Search into your mobile applications.  I started with Chris' Lunch-O-Matic application, and when the restaurant was chosen, we kicked off a Live Search query of all local places.  Obviously, it's just a simple example lacking true GPS integration and other features, but it's a good example of how easy it is to get off the ground with these types of applications.  Keep in mind that to use this application, you'll need your own AppId available from site. 

Modified Lunch-O-Matic application (VS2008 Solution)

Live Search API/help:

Also, I demonstrated a sample Kiosk application that leverages both .NET and native (via P/Invoke) functionality to control the device:

Kiosk Application (VS2008 Solution)

Even though we didn't specifically cover much beyond Mobile Devices (WinCE, Zune, etc.) the topic of .NET Micro came up at the Atlanta show, specifically with folks wondering how to get started with some sample hardware.  This page has several of our partners, including Device Solutions Tahoe starter kit:


Thanks to everyone who made it out to the show!
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