Yesterday's Workflow Presentation

Last night I gave a presentation on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) at the Charlotte Developers Guild.  Following up on that, I figured I'd post some resources for the talk:

First, the presentation slides are available on our .NET U site

The demo app that I built is available here.  Within the project, I commented out the SqlPersistence and SqlTracking initialization -- to use them, you can uncomment those code blocks and setup a database using the scripts available in the .NET 3.0 installation folder.  The script for the bug database is included in the project -- the connection and database will need to be configured to get the application to run, or, alternatively, you can comment out the database calls.  By doing this, no data/workflows will be persisted if the application gets shut down, but it doesn't diminish the application and workflow functionality.

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Karl Shifflett
Karl Shifflett
5/29/2008 8:24:59 AM #


Best WF presentation I've been to.  You are the Man!



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