New Regional Director for the Carolinas

Over the weekend, the Raleigh User Group hosted their third code camp!  What a great event.  I just returned from TechReady 6 in Seattle (more on that later) and the big news is:  Jim Duffy is now a Microsoft Regional Director for the Carolinas!  Congrats Jim!  See his post here.

As we frequently get asked, just what is a Microsoft Regional Director? 

I like Richard Campbell's answer: "We're not a Microsoft employee, we don't necessarily have specific regions, and we don't direct people.  But otherwise the name works."   To be honest, the "region" part is one of the big factors we added another RD to the area.  Many RDs do a significant amount of travel and are effective in their roles from a global perspective, but as a local evangelist, my main concern is the local ecosystem. 

But, back to the question.  Jonathan Goodyear has a post about it here.  I like this summary:

The role of an RD is to act as an unbiased third-party evangelist of Microsoft products and services and to work with software developers to ensure successful project engagements. We act as the glue between Microsoft and the developer community.

Sounds like my job, doesn't it?  Except, I'm not an unbiased third-party.  I'm a completely biased first party :)  ... seriously, one of the biggest assets these guys and gals bring to the role is their perspective.  We (as evangelists) partner very closely with the RDs as much of what we're trying to do is equivalent.  The good news is,

Jim has been a fantastic resource locally, and we've partnered on a number of events.  He's been a long time MVP, and he's also a friend of mine, so I'm pleased to have the opportunity to work with him!  Once again, congrats Jim!
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