Initial SP1 Impressions

It's a bit strange -- the first Windows launch in awhile (Vista SP1, soon to be followed by Server 2008) where I'm not on the Windows team. 

I've been running Vista SP1 RTM on my two main machines and thought I'd share some impressions.  SP1 isn't downloadable externally yet -- I believe this is mainly due to a few potential outstanding driver issues that may affect a few people, so the consensus was to make sure drivers had a chance to get fully tested before releasing SP1 to the masses.  (But I may be wrong on that.)

I installed on x64 and x86/32-bit, no problems.  Installation took awhile, particularly on my laptop (not a surprise given the relative hard drive throughput).  I needed 8GB free on my main volume -- this was a problem for me on my laptop, but I got it there eventually.  Left with about 5GB free after install, though I'm sure that's largely in use by system restore points and such so I can likely reclaim it if needed.

- Networking performance better. 
- Finally see the full 4GB of RAM in the OS on my Dell D820 laptop. (x64)  Not sure if this was fixed earlier -- and of course there are driver/BIOS/other factors, but it's nice to see one way or the other, this has been worked out.
- Remote desktop: nice improvements!  Has the options most people have been looking for.

Anyway, just some initial impressions...
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