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I decided for fun to look over some referrals my site has received from various search engines, and I picked out some interesting ones.  Here are some of my favorites … I should keep digging to see how many fun ones I can find!
Hmmm … sounds intriguing!  Spelling aside, I have no idea how they found my site on this one.
Is Amazon losing money?
Obviously I get a lot of referrals with “structure” in there somewhere.  But grasshopper??
What is product sturcture?
Valid question, but my site?
This one just made me chuckle.  Like ‘structure’, searches with ‘big’ in the query land here quite a bit, too.  And yeah, I know the magic packet is referring to WOL.
I have hundreds – maybe thousands of these (or similar).  Glad I could help!  (I did this successfully and blogged about it when Verizon tried to slip in new fees somewhat surreptitiously.)
I don’t even want to know.
Not surprised this landed here because of the ‘too big’ in the query, but I’d love to know what this person was searching for.  Ways to shrink your TV?

Ouch.  I left you guys out – sorry!
Glen is popular on my blog!
I couldn’t agree more.
Whoa.  Verbose query.
It’s really not always a bad idea.  In general, where this comes from is the school of thought that you should handle “expected” exceptions.  For example, an ArgumentException if some argument is not valid.  This is because in order to handle exceptions properly, you need to know the type of exception being caught.  By using a catch-all like this, you never really know the type of exception (unless you’re doing a typeof()) so how does your application know how to handle it effectively?  Therefore, if you can’t handle the specific exception, it should be thrown.  But this theoretical.  There are plenty of occasions where you might want to handle ALL exceptions, do something (like log them) and move on.  What you want to avoid, almost all the time, is simple an empty catch {}.
I have no idea on this one.
I realize most of us paraphrase or shorthand when searching … but what is “the involvement?”
[snipped many more]  What’s interesting about these is _who_ is doing these searches (based on the IP they came from).  (I won’t keep it secret: part attorney general, part company themselves.)   Not surprised, really.
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