Network Error?

Every time I connect to the corporate network, I get the following error:

What's funny about it is that I don't understand the value in limiting my connection nearly a year from now ... not exactly a motivator for immediate action!

The problem is likely a missing beta patch, but because I'm running x64, it could be some specific version isn't available yet -- I'm not sure.  I'm not surprised or trying to be critical here -- frankly, if you see how much beta stuff and developer tools we're often running, it's wonderful it works nearly flawlessly.  I just wish I could find the reason for the message.

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Karl Shifflett
Karl Shifflett
1/18/2008 9:07:56 AM #

Hey Brian,

Karl here.  Hope you had a nice holiday.  I've had these same blues too!

With both Cisco and Citrix VPN's.  It took a few months of new versins of their clients to even be allowed to log on.

The server admin probably has a policy in place to notify people but not shutdown the world because some VPN client can't determine if your computer is updated or not.



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