Want to go to the Halo 3 Launch?

Want to go to the Halo 3 Launch event on 9/24 in Charlotte, NC?  

I've got a number of passes left -- so drop me an e-mail (bhitney @ [you should know what company :)].com -- or leave a comment here (e-mail address not shown in comments).  I'll send you an invite while they are available.  (If they're no longer available -- sorry!)

The event runs from 6pm and 10pm at the Microsoft office, and there will be food, drinks, prizes, and some Halo 3 tournaments!  Since we'll be playing against teams in other cities, come out and represent. 

Now, this event is invite only so you need to register to get in the door.  You will also need to be in the Charlotte area, or willing to travel there, for this event!  

And if you're at a launch event in another city, watch for me -- bhlonewolf -- I'll probably be the guy getting killed the most frequently.
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