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At Mix earlier this year, Lou Carbone gives a great presentation on the emotional side of the customer experience.  It's a great talk -- and you can watch it here.  Speaking of the emotion -- I love what we do around Mix ... the whole experience is fantastic, even in a being able to download these sessions.

The other day I was in Charlotte and I stopped in at the company store to pick up copy of One Care.  I'm a fan of the product because it's easy to use.  This weekend, my folks are visiting from NY and my dad mentions needing some firewall/anti-virus/etc. for his machines at home.  I told him I picked up a copy of One Care for my home machines, and being the good boy that I am, I just gave him my copy since I can pick up another almost any time.

Well, 10 minutes later I'm walking by the living room and my dad says, "Just one question ... how do I open this thing?"

About 10 minutes later, with both of us wrestling this packaging, we finally get it open.  Maybe we got a bum package, I don't know, but I certainly hope this experience isn't typical.  If it is, I apologize.  The only packaging I find more annoying to open is those blister packs various electronics are often sold in. 

Next time I get a copy of this new style of packaging we seem to be using across the board, I'm going to try it and if it's just as difficult, I'll try to bubble up some feedback. 

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G. Andrew Duthie
G. Andrew Duthie
9/17/2007 11:58:31 AM #

+1 on the my mom a copy of Office, and she had the same issue with not being able to figure out how to open it. The trick is that you have to cut the little circular sticker (which is clear, of course, and as such difficult to see), and then the whole side of the box rotates out.

It's clever...but too clever. Smile

OTOH, it could be worse...we could be blister-packing the software.

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