PDC is Dead, Long Live PDC

Excuse the dramatic title.  As you may have read already, Microsoft's PDC (Professional Developer's Conference) has been put on hold for awhile this year.  If you were planning on attending in October, better put the plans on hold for a little while.

There's a lot of speculation and questions as to why the decision was made (shipping delays? Eliminating PDC altogether?)  The truth is, there's really no compelling message this year that would warrant having PDC at this time.  By early October, the stories of Windows Server 2008 and Silverlight will have been told.  LINQ has been linked and played with since the last PDC.

Since these product cycles come in waves, it makes sense to hold off until we can "catch the next wave" with future tools and products.  PDC isn't dead by a long shot ...

More on the MSDN Events page.
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