Greenville UG Fun!

Wow, what a fun time at the Greenville Developer's Guild last night.  Originally I was planning on doing my Vista internals talk, but it turns out that many of us were in Charlotte for a training class with Keith Brown (famous security guru and cofounder of Pluralsight), so we decided to head down together as a group after class.  And when Keith heard about some of the improv ideas we had, he came too!  (That is just very cool of him.)

In attendance was myself, Keith Brown, Doug Turnure (Atlanta DE), Peter Laudati (NJ DE), Glen Gordon (Atlanta DE), Lindsay Rutter (Midatlantic DE), and (the newly minted) Dani Diaz (PA DE). 

As Doug so eloquently put it, I can flap my gums anytime (if you know what I mean) -- so, Keith did a great security ad-hoc talk.  Not only is Keith a great presenter, but to fire off a great talk off the top of his head in response to the audience really demonstrates his mastery of the subject matter.

Next we did an interesting little improv comedy skit modeled after Who's Line... called "Whose Slide is it, Anyway?"  First off, major kudos for Dani, the newest DE, to step up and do our Interview game and getting the product correct, too.  In this game, we put up a slide of a real or made-up product that everyone in the audience can see, but the "product expert" (in this case, Dani) does not.  He has to field questions about the product blind; and of course, if he can bluff his way through the Q&A and figure out the product, all the better!  (The product, in case you were wondering, was Microsoft Bob.)

So next time you see one of us, ask us to do a "Whose Slide..." skit... :)

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dougturn's WebLog
dougturn's WebLog
5/15/2007 11:53:50 PM #

A group of DEs showed up at the Greenville, SC .NET User Group last night. We had a great time answering

JrzyShr Dev Guy
JrzyShr Dev Guy
5/16/2007 8:33:52 AM #

My month of travel in May continues. This week I'm down in Charlotte, NC attending an advanced .NET 3.0

Pla.NET Southeast!
Pla.NET Southeast!
5/17/2007 2:07:25 PM #

Usually a user group presentation is a relatively dry affair. Don't get me wrong - they are usually fun

Alex Dresko
Alex Dresko
5/20/2007 4:31:06 PM #

Can't remember the last time I had so much fun at a guild meeting! Well, except no one said they would buy me a four wheeler...

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