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WorldMaps started out as a little tinkering for my own site's reporting (you can read more about it here).  I realized not too much later that it could be extended to support multiple sites -- so, hence the service that is available for others to use.  A few weeks back I added some additional stats to the report pages, too, to make it a bit more than eye candy.

Now, admittedly, what is possible is just a matter of database space (which is limited for me).  In the meantime of figuring out how to add new things, I wanted to work on the map graphic a bit.  I always liked my traditional "dot" view as it was simple.  The big challenge with any geo-based hit counter is making the page view usable.  If you look at some of the maps by ClustrMaps, as an example, it just ends up looking like large, overlapping red circles of various sizes.  While this is useful for saying, "Hey, I've got global reach!", it doesn't say much else.

That's where I wanted WorldMaps to differ.  I've been tinkering with the reporting page to show larger "cylinders" instead of dots to illustrate concentration of visits.  This is a prototype of the reporting page.  Intentionally, it's a fairly busy WorldMap because the test here is to determine -- even with hundreds of thousands of hits -- if meaning can be derived from the image.  I'll include the original map beneath the prototype.  Opinions?  Comments?  Better/Worse?  Sound off in my comments and help me shape this thing!

As for my opinion: I think the new map is certainly more busy, but I think it's also more informative.  It's easier to see the gradations -- for example, look at North and South Dakota on each map.  And, it just looks cooler. :)


Original version:

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Chris Reeder
Chris Reeder
4/21/2007 2:17:23 PM #

Cylinders look good to me man!

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