Scalability Talk Follow-up

I recently gave a long (~3 hour) talk on web scalability in Florence, SC (thanks to PDANUG and ACS Technologies for hosting!).  It was a fun talk that covered basic web architecture, ASP.NET techniques, and database strategies.

While I didn't dive too much into database maintenance plans, I did get into some indexing strategies.  This is always a tough area to get into because you never know how much previous experience a group has had with effective indexing, execution plans, storage considerations, partitioning, etc., but it seemed like most of these guys had a solid handle on these.

But one thing that I did mention, albeit briefly, was using the DBCC DBREINDEX command.  This isn't always needed depending on your indexing strategy, but in cases where your indexes become heavily fragmented or you need to regularly reclaim space, using DBREINDEX will be your friend, and it's a lot easier than dropping/recreating or running an ALTER INDEX command.  The big caveat with a DBREINDEX, though, is that it's an offline operation.  With small tables, this is insignificant, but on larger tables, this may be problematic.

Most importantly, though, this command has been deprecated (meaning, it's present in the current version on SQL Server (2005) but will not be carried forward to future versions).  Instead, SQL Server 2005 has the ALTER INDEX with REBUILD option, and this can be used in both offline and online modes.  Obviously doing so online will use more resources and take longer, but on large tables, this is a great way to take some time back from a database maintenance window.

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Chris Reeder
Chris Reeder
4/20/2007 8:08:03 AM #

Thanks again for coming to ACS Technologies! We had a great time and would love to have you stop by anytime you are traveling up or down I-95.

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