Microsoft's Reversal

In case you haven't heard -- we've recently announced that Expression will be included on MSDN subscriptions.   This has long been a source of controversy -- not just externally, but internally, too.  I know that many of us evangelists bubbled up the anger we often experienced from customers; and you know, it was frustrating because, as we talk more and more about WPF, we are often asked about Expression and we needed to point out that it wasn't going to be available for download on MSDN.

I do understand the thinking of those at corporate: the Expression suite is targeting designers, not developers.  Still, I think the right move was including it on MSDN. 

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4/27/2007 9:49:06 AM #

the biggest reason people are hot for expression is because the cider ctp for vs2005 sucks HORRIBLY and they are afraid that orcas is too far away to get their hands on.

I think we could do without expression if we had orcas.

4/27/2007 3:00:16 PM #

I'd rather have Orcas, too, but then again, I'm a dev.  Expression of course is being built for the designer community, so it's a different tact altogether.  I don't think any version of VS (Orcas or otherwise) will compete Expression from a design surface or feature point of view, but hopefully they'll integrate nicely as they get the issues ironed out.

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