Vista Error Reporting

There are a lot of improvements in the Windows error reporting functionality in Windows Vista.  In some of our Vista architecture talks, we go into this somewhat.  Overall, my experience with this has been very positive, but today I had an experience that was a little less than desirable.

For the past couple of weeks, my laptop has had occasional problems when I put it to sleep.  Instead of sleeping, it crashes.  Note: I've been running Vista on my laptop for over a year now, and it has only been recently that this problem has manifest.  Clearly, some update somewhere has caused or exploited a problem which occasionally interferes with the sleep transition.

So, after Vista reboots, I get a dialog box that asks if I'd like to report the problem.  You bet I do!  And this time, I also get a nice solution:

Ah, of course!  Maybe in some recent software update, an old version of the driver was installed.  So, I decide to try and roll back the driver...

... Only, I can't.  The Roll Back Driver button is disabled.  Well, poop.

So, I figure maybe clicking Update Driver will load the most recent version:

*sigh*  Well, it's almost there!
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