Upcoming Events

There are quite a few great events coming up!  The key events are, of course, the Vista and Office launches that are starting now.  To find one nearby, check out this site:


At a glance, here are the dates in the Carolinas:

1/16 Greenville, SC
1/18 Charlotte, NC
2/13 Greensboro, NC
2/15 Durham, NC

Also, it looks like the Triad .NET User Group is revitalizing!  If you're in the area, please stop by the first meeting on 1/18 (6pm at RMIC in Winston-Salem).   I'll try to bring some good swag :).  I'm really excited about this because I live in the area, so be sure to stop by.  I'll be speaking about the .NET Framework 3.0.  Normally, I'd like to be quite early to have a Q&A and meet & greet, but in this case, I'm coming from the launch in Charlotte so my schedule will be a bit tight.  I'd be happy to hang around after the show to answer any questions you may have!
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