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I'm way behind on e-mail ... so hang in there if you're waiting to hear from me.  This week I've been hanging with Doug Turnure in South Carolina and Georgia, meeting some great folks along the way.

It was great to hook up with my architect counterpart in the area, Chad Brooks (Architect Evangelist for the southeast) and got to finally meet Jeff Prosise from Wintellect ... I've read a lot of his work in the past.  (When I was back in Redmond, I argued once with Richter about IDisposable.  I learned not to argue with the Wintellect folks.  But I still think I'm right ;) )  Jeff was showing a lot of great Atlas content.  If you've never heard Jeff present, be sure to catch him next time the opportunity comes up -- he's a rock star.

This evening we stopped in to say hello at the local .NET user group, where .NET University is being kicked off with a Windows Workflow Foundation session.  This .NET 3.0 training is hot, so check it out.  If you were at the user group tonight when Doug and I popped in, drop me an e-mail to say hello.

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Chris Reeder
Chris Reeder
11/16/2006 4:18:11 AM #

Hey man, wanted to drop you line and let you know we at the Pee Dee Area NUG are looking forward to your .NET 3.0 training in February.

You will enjoy being in the Carolinas.

11/16/2006 10:10:22 AM #

Thanks Chris!

I'm looking forward to it and heading down to meet y'all.  Doug and I _almost_ drove out there Tuesday night for the kickoff (we were in Columbia) but just couldn't swing the time.

See you soon!

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