Watching the Stanley Cup Finals

Period 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals has just started ... what am amazing hockey season it has been.  So while Edmonton and Carolina begin to battle it out in the best of 7 series, pictures of the trophy are plastered on everything.  Every time I see this, I think of a funny moment that happened a number of years ago.

The very last day of work I had at Ascent Media (circa 2001) was a couple of weeks before the Superbowl.  Housing a few studios, a Superbowl special had just finished taping.  Well, like the Stanley Cup is to hockey, the Lombardi Trophy is the prize in football and it was it there in the studio, carefully protected and locked in a sturdy case and white gloves inside the case.

We were waiting for the courier to pick it up the trophy, but I couldn't resist.  It was supposed to be hands-off and locked, but there was a key taped to the bottom of the case -- kind of funny, I admit, but you can see where this is going.  I took out the trophy, and posed for this and a few other pictures (yeah, I was quite a bit heavier back then).  At any rate, I figured I had nothing to lose as it was my last day.

We all got a good kick out of it.  When the pictures were done, I put it back in the case, and went to lock the case.  *snap!*  Beyond all comprehension, I snapped the key in the lock.  I don't think I've EVER done that in my life, and to boot, it was my last day.  Surely, this wouldn't look good.  

Panic began to set in.  Thankfully, with enough equipment around, I was able to extract the key from the lock.  With the courier due any moment, I raced out to the hardware stores to hopefully get some copy of the key made.  It was partly futile, as it was in the evening on a Saturday (as I recall, anyway) ... but, Home Depot was open.

I sat with the key tech at Home Depot as he made about 6 or so keys, just in case one didn't work.  He thought it was a long shot because of the way the key was broken.  In the end -- one of the keys did indeed work.  I retaped it to the bottom of the box, and unless someone expected some old, tarnished key, they wouldn't know the difference. 

I had to call Andy (the guy in charge of the trophy at our building) before heading out to Home Depot, just in case the courier beat me back.  He honestly thought it was a practical joke (it wouldn't be the first time I pulled one on Andy -- he was an easy target), but it wasn't.

Man, this was simply the most interesting last day I've ever had.  :)

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Michael K. Campbell
Michael K. Campbell
6/5/2006 7:13:54 AM #

Seriously: LOL.

Talk about cajones!

James H. Byrd
James H. Byrd
6/5/2006 10:40:43 PM #

OMG. This is such a classic Brian story. Not many would have gotten near enough to the case to check for the key in the first place. If anyone did, they certainly wouldn't have the hair to take the trophy out and pose with it, with the courier maybe showing up at any minute. Then, the snapping of the key was the universe saying "right back at ya, dude!"

Excellent story. I'm surprised you didn't just tape the key pieces together and put it back under the case! That would have been a poser for the Lombardi Trophy folks.

6/6/2006 5:36:11 AM #


I seiously thought about doing that!  My last shift was already done -- I could just disappear, I thought.

But, just like most dumb criminals are the ones who tape themselves, there was just too much evidence laying around and too many witnesses.  Being the panicy type, I had to at least try!

Andrew Sorg
Andrew Sorg
6/13/2006 1:36:20 PM #

Very Hilareous!  Sounds like something that would happen to me but I would try to just BS my way out of it.

"Listen!  You wouldn't believe it but a flock of Canadian Geese flew in here a few minutes ago..." 

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