Star Trek 11 in 2008

I saw an article this morning mentioning that Star Trek 11 is under way, with a tentative release date scheduled for 2008.  Cool!  I'm a fan, but not an insane one.  In an interview with one fan, the reporter asked how big of a Star Trek fan she was on scale from 1 to 10.  She replied:

"I'm probably more toward the extreme side, but I don't speak Klingon. And unless it is a convention or Halloween, I would be embarrassed to wear my uniforms in public, but I do have them. I would say 8.5."

OK, here's the thing.  First, there's nothing wrong with being a huge fan.  But, I'm thinking that attending conventions gives you an immediate 8/10, and owning and wearing uniforms (Halloween or not) means you're close to a perfect 10.  Anyone who can speak or recognize more than about 3 words of Klingon: Instant 10+.

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Michael K. Campbell
Michael K. Campbell
4/22/2006 7:09:20 AM #

Well, I don't have any uniforms, but the Klingon puts me over the top.

That said - what about people who wear cowboy 'gear' (boots, hats, belts) who've never so much as been on a real ranch in their lives?

Who's the bigger dork? ;)

4/22/2006 6:24:20 PM #

So you know Klingon!?  Qapla!  (And if you did, how is it I sat 5 feet away from you for a year and half and never heard a peep?) 

Actually, the more I think of it, the uniforms are certainly more dorky than knowing the language: even though the latter is a lot more work, it is, at least, intellectual.

Good point about the cowboy gear.  It's kind of like the people who wear sweats but never work out, or the guy in full camo and facepaint at paintball games.  Still, I think Star Trek trumps it all.  If I had to sort it, I'd say:

Star Trek > D&D/Medieval > Goth > Cowboy > Unenlisted Camo

4/23/2006 12:22:49 AM #

I attended a Trekkie convention once when I was 14, and "studied" the Technical Manual, but I wouldn't rank myself 8/10. Wink

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