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Back at PDC I was the lucky recipient of a free license of Telerik's ASP.NET Controls Suite.  It's a suite of great looking ASP.NET controls -- particularly, the r.a.d. Grid and r.a.d. Editor are likely the biggest, but the others are really cool, too.  The r.a.d. Callback control is essentially an AJAX-enabler for virtually any typically non-AJAX enabled control (for example, you can make a typical ASP Label update asynchronously).  Neat stuff.

But, I'm not here to review the controls (I already love 'em).  What I'm going to applaud is their support.  It's amazing.  First, let's face it:  not too many developers relish the idea of developing rich thin-client controls.  To make something cross-browser, cross-platform, XHTML compliant, ViewState aware, etc. etc., is a LOT of tedious work.  It's certainly not trivial.

If you head over to the Telerik support and community areas, there's a ton of documentation, knowledge base articles, how-to's, blogs, and a forum.  Chances are that whatever you're trying to do, it's in there somewhere.  I've never waited more than a business day on a support ticket (and when I submit a ticket, the responses are sometimes like, "Yes, you can do that -- see this KB article and let us know if you have any questions...").  Oops, I didn't look hard enough.

The controls (and hence support) aren't cheap (and really, unless you absolutely just need the Grid or Editor, you've got to get the whole suite), but one of Telerik's tag lines is certainly true: "Deliver more than expected."  The .NET 2.0 release is really good -- it's a great addition to any toolbox.

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TYA Monez
TYA Monez
1/20/2006 10:18:09 AM #

I thought this site was about finding information on the Earths' structure and layers.Turns out this is some type of stuff you have been doing so this site is officially I LOVE THIS SITE!!!

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