X-Box "Attach Rate"

I think the X-Box 360 is awesome ... really, I do.  But I have a complaint.  I just read a statistic (see time 7:56, or search 'X-Box attach rate') that the X-Box is averaging 4 game sales for every console sold -- which, apparently, is a very high initial sale rate -- more than any other console sold.

This is great, but I question the value of this number as every store (that I know of) is selling the X-Box with large bundles of games only ... sure, under pressure Best Buy came out to admit that the bundles were "optional" (though not at all obvious).  With lines of people waiting to buy a console, people will buy it -- bundle or not.

I realize that retailers make most of their money on the games and not the consoles (as it is for Microsoft), so it's natural they want to sell as many games as possible.  Nevertheless, these forced or nearly-forced bundles at inflated prices have been a real sour note in this launch.

I don't know what Microsoft can do to stop this practice other than discourage it.  Slightly different situation, but I do remember what Valve did -- and kudos to them -- when Half-Life 2 launched:  the game required online activation to play, which wouldn't activate until the launch date.  It essentially nullified any advantage a retailer might have of breaking the street date.
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