Try Windows Vista now! (well, soon!)

Hi Friends and Family!

Want to get your hands on Windows Vista and run the coolest operating system yet?  Want to get unlimited and free tech support, too?

Join me in the Windows Friends and Family program.  You can get the next OS soon (probably late February to early March) and help make the next version that much better.  This isn't a technical program (meaning, even my mom can enroll). 

But, there are a few catches:

1) I have to know you (or know of you).  You can be a friend-of-a-friend-of-friend's uncle.  An old roomate's third cousin.  That's fine.  (Let's try to keep it to six degrees of separation.) Due to volume and other reasons, I can't accept anonymous submissions.
2) You've got to have a reasonably recent PC.  Nothing crazy -- if it's within a few years old you're probably fine, but I'll verify this with you if you're interested.

3) You've got to be at least 18, and reside in the U.S. or Canada.

If this sounds like fun (it does to me!), then drop me an e-mail (or visit my contact page).
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