PDC Day 2 Sessions

Of all the sessions I took today at , two of them stood out: C# 3.0 (codenamed Orcas) and ASP.NET Atlas (essentially .NET's AJAX -- asynchronous javascript and XML -- implementation). Also below, I'll include a bunch of pictures I took from the show -- I spent a little time walking around since Annie, Kerry, Beverly, and Erin from the Windows Hardware Platform Evangelism team flew down from Redmond to check out the event (whew, some familiar faces!).

I've now had the honor of seeing Anders Hejlsberg speak on a few occasions -- the man is brilliant. In a couple of sessions, Anders outlined the future directions of C#, diving into Lambda Expressions, variable type inference, anonymous types, object initializes, and the very cool expressions trees. For more info, read this page (C# Language Specification at the bottom of the page): The Linq Project

As for Atlas: this definitely has a lot of potential. I'm sure many developers have used hidden frames to make server side calls without the whole page doing a postback -- it's cheesy, but works. Atlas builds off of AJAX, creating a rich framework for making server side calls. To read up on it, visit the Atlas page on ASP.NET.

Below are some images from the convention, featuring the exhibits, the lab, and other cool areas:

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