PDC Day 1 Sessions

day 1 was productive. It's pretty hard to grasp the size of the event -- admittedly I'm a tad quiet and out of place because even though I'm representing Microsoft, I'm incognito. I'm not walking around in a blue shirt. (What's funny is that I did wear a blue shirt at WinHEC, where I was almost completely unqualified to answer most questions. Not only was I brand new to MSFT at the time, but I'm also not a driver or hardware developer.)

I'm attaching a couple of pictures here -- the first is the Channel 9 lounge, the other is one of the hallways. The place is packed.

I was most impressed with the last session I took today -- we delved into creating and modifying custom providers in ASP.NET 2.0. I've seen Scott Guthrie discuss this in the past in a quick demo of using the built in SQL Server membership provider, but I enjoyed this session because it was all about the extensibility of the base provider framework. Very cool for creating any kind of custom provider or modifying the built in providers (like the role and membership providers).

Another interesting session was creating custom managed snap-ins for MMC 3.0. I actually opted for this over a SQL Server 2005 session, and I'm not sure I made the best choice (that's what the post-show DVDs are for!). Occasionally I've thought about developing some small management applications and using the MMC seems like a good way to do it.
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