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I was looking through the July issue of MSDN Magazine (here) and read the Web Q&A section. At the bottom, I was given my props when I saw the following:

Thanks to the following Microsoft developers for their technical expertise: Gaylon Blank, Daniel Boerner, Greg Bybee, Jim Cheshire, John Conwell, G. Andrew Duthie, Sean Gephardt, Brian Hitney, Alun Jones, Carlos Aguilar Mares, Eduard Rusanovschi, Michael Schmidt, Matthew Smolen, and James Whittred.

Sweet! Not only props, but an easy one: I don't know what I did to deserve the credit :)

Having said that, one of the really cool things about working for Microsoft is the wealth of internal resources. Hundreds of e-mail style distribution lists to discuss about any topic you can imagine. Most are product or technology based, and like groups you see on the internet, it thrives by having all types of people involved -- you have new developers trying to figure stuff out, support engineers trying to get help in troubleshooting a customer's issue, architects of the technology itself, and in some cases, schleps like me. I've tried to contribute to various discussions whenever possible, so maybe a tidbit I offered helped someone out. In any event, tres cool.

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James H. Byrd
James H. Byrd
7/4/2005 10:42:07 AM #

I was once told that you know you are famous when people know who you are, but you don't know who they are.

Soon, you'll have nerdy fans trying to contact you for advise. You won't be able to go out to eat because people will be bugging you for autographs. You'll have to hire body guards to escort Savanna to school when she is old enough to go.

This is just the start, dude. You gotta be careful what you wish for!



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