Running x64, finally!

After many long days of trying to get Windows XP x64 installed on my 64-bit machine, it finally worked! I'm trying to set up my box to multiboot about every known OS to man (well, just the latest ones) ... this install was quite a bear, and I've finallty muddled through enough BSODs to get it figured out.

So help me if I see another 0x0000007B STOP message.

Here's the setup: AMD3800+ 64-bit chip, ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard with a Promise 378 controller and a VIA 2378 controller; 2x160GB SATA RAID 0, 2x250GB SATA RAID 1.

I use the RAID 0 drives for OS and non-critical data where I'd rather have the performance boost of striped drives. The RAID 0 is where most of my data and backups are stored. So when installing the OS, I hit F6 to load the third party RAID / SCSI controller, loading both the Promise and VIA drivers.

Easy, you say? Here's the problem: NONE of the drivers on Asus's site -- despite being clearly labelled at x64 drivers would work. They'd load fine, all drives are seen in Windows Setup ... so clearly something is working. But when the OS finishes the install and does the first "real" boot, BAM! Reboot, right after selecting "Windows XP Professional x64," but before the splash screen pops up.

On the next OS selection screen, I hit F8 and supressed the autoreboot on critical errors, only to discover the 0x0000007B STOP message. After looking into it, it is a driver problem with the RAID controller(s).

Here's the part that gets me: The drives are recognized enough that the boot.ini can be read, since I can see a list of installed OS's. And, the OS itself installed fine, seeing all my drives and their correct capacities. So the drivers at least "seem" to work, right? This is a retail mobo, drivers from the manufacturer's site -- why would these drivers not work?

Thankfully, I've discovered -- before installing x64, go there and read a bit. I found both drivers from the RAID controllers and they work flawlessly.

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