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Last year my bud Mike got me hooked on Launchcast internet radio by Yahoo. It's a great service -- the quality is good, the variety is good, and rating system is awesome.

What really attracted me to Launchcast was the way I could rate music, skip songs, and even ban an artist. It doesn't take long for Launchcast to start learning what you like. I subscribed to the Plus service as it got rid of the ads, offered better quality, and gave unlimited skips.

Along comes Yahoo Music Unlimited a month or so ago. I passed... I was happy with Launch. What I didn't realize until last night is that Yahoo Music Unlimited includes a Launchcast Plus subscription. So while it's a couple of bucks more a month than my Launch subscription, it gives unfettered access to all the music to play as I like.

Plus, if you've got a compatible portable player, you can transfer the music the device.

There are two main grumbling points I have: The software is buggy. It's still beta, after all, so let's hope it gets better. As with other services, the second issue is, of course, if you stop paying for your subscription, all of your music goes bye-bye.

Hey, it's $60/year ... the cost of 4 CDs? I think the issue with "ownership" goes to a more core human (or maybe American) mentality of, "Wait! I paid for it, I should *own* it forever!" Maybe that's why subscription software hasn't worked well, I don't know.

So far I give it two thumbs up -- cutting Yahoo a little slack because it's beta.
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