and MyPopInfo Launched

OK! At long last I finally converted the old "Popchecker" ASP site. I rewrote the entire site in C#. What is it? It's a web site that allows you to register a username and password, and then link as many POP3 accounts as you'd like to your single main account.

When you log in, the application aggregates your mail and displays it all. I had a similar application written a number of years ago using VBScript/COM as an ASP application, but this time, it's rewritten completely. 100% managed code. The good news is that it's a lot faster than the older ASP version.

I spent a few hours trying to find a good domain name; sounds like a rant is coming on here but I'll save that for another time. At long last I settled on "" -- so check it out by clicking here.

I also launched an XML web service called MyPopInfo that interfaces with MyPopchecker (located here.) With the web service, you can check your e-mail status in your own application, or use one I created for demonstration purposes (located here.) Web services are a really great way to extend functionality of anything ... there's still some tweaking to do but all seems to be running well so far. If you use the sample application and/or modify it (the source code is available) please let me know, I'll post it here.
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