Structure Too Big?

Unless you're one of about 8 people, this meaning of this site's name may need a bit of explaining. Even if you are one of these lucky 8 people, you may need your memory jarred.

Story aside, I just like the name. Maybe the site is just too big; it seems to fit with the Inukshuk logo. But the story, to the best of my recollection, is this:

Over 15 years ago, I was taking an AP Pascal Programming class in high school. I have a new appreciation for the laptop I write this on as I recall the machines we used: TRS-80's – or, as I like to call them: Trash-80's.

For a big final project, we broke up into teams to build a large blackjack game. Each team built a separate unit of functionality. The day finally arrived when we attempted to merge all parts of the program together (remember, this was pre-OOP days). Unfortunately, this was more than the Trash-80 could handle. Eventually, the compiler simply quit with the error, "Structure Too Big."

So while it has nothing to do with web development, it's a fond memory of a time when I learned how to program. And since programming is how I make my living, the name seemed appropriate. And if I recall, we never did finish that project.
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