You Know You’re a Geek When…

Over the long weekend I decided to start cleaning out the garage – a project, by my estimates, will take several years to complete.  I came across some old software that has been hiding in some box for … well, decades.  I found many 5 1/4” floppy disks of some old favorite games I used to play.  Recognize any?  (Many of the labels are in pretty bad condition.) First up is the original Zork.   Nothing more really needs to be said on this one. I probably put the most number of hours into this one.  This was Ultima III – not sure why I never really played the other Ultimas until much later.  StarGlider wasn’t as well known as Ultima or Zork, but I was so jazzed about this game because it was like the Star Wars arcade game – where you would fly your x-wing into the death star with the vector graphics.  Night Stalker was also on Intellivision – no, it’s not a Richard Ramirez RPG, it was kind of like a creepy Pac-Man style game. I have almost no memory of this game, Murder on the Zinderneuf.   I was big into Clue and games like “Stop Thief!” and this game was very much along those lines. Everyone who claims to be a geek knows Archon.   Archon played like Chess, but when “battling” another player by landing on their square, you’d be whisked away to a virtual battlefield.  Stronger pieces had an advantage but that’s what made it fun. I spend a great deal of time playing this one (The Ancient Art of War), too, and from what I remember I was pretty frustrated at that.   This was a really great strategy game for its time… … which was followed up by a sequel, The Ancient Art of War at Sea.  Hacker was a fun adventure game – probably the first to make you feel like a real hacker.  And saving the best for last: That’s right.  The original Flight Simulator.   The good ol’ days.

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