Azure Firestarter – coming soon!

I’m excited to announce that our Azure Firestarter series is getting ready to roll!  Registration details at the bottom.  Basically, I’m teaming up with my colleagues Peter Laudati and Jim ONeil and we’ll be travelling around.   We’re intentionally been waiting to do these events so they post-PDC – this means we’ll include the new stuff we’re announcing at PDC!  Also, for those wondering what was going on with the @home series, we’ll be doing that here, too, with some revamped ideas… The Agenda Is cloud computing still a foggy concept for you? Have you heard of Windows Azure, but aren’t quite sure of how it applies to you and the projects you’re working on? Join your Microsoft Developer Evangelists for this free, all-day event combining presentations and hands-on exercises to demystify the latest disruptive (and over-hyped!) technology and to provide some clarity as to where the cloud and Windows Azure can take you. 8:00 a.m. - Registration 8:30 a.m. - Morning Sessions: Getting Your Head into the Cloud Ask ten people to define “Cloud Computing,” and you’ll get a dozen responses. To establish some common ground, we’ll kick off the event by delving into what cloud computing means, not just by presenting an array of acronyms like SaaS and IaaS , but by focusing on the scenarios that cloud computing enables and the opportunities it provides. We’ll use this session to introduce the building blocks of the Windows Azure Platform and set the stage for the two questions most pertinent to you: “how do I take my existing applications to the cloud?” and “how do I design specifically for the cloud?” Migrating Applications to Windows Azure How difficult is it to migrate your applications to the cloud? What about designing your applications to be flexible inside and outside of cloud environments? These are common questions, and in this session, we’ll specifically focus on migration strategies and adapting your applications to be “cloud ready.” We’ll examine how Azure VMs differ from a typical server – covering everything from CPU and memory, to profiling performance, load balancing considerations, and deployment strategies such as dealing with breaking changes in schemas and contracts. We’ll also cover SQL Azure migration strategies and how the forthcoming VM and Admin Roles can aid in migrating to the cloud. Creating Applications for Windows Azure Windows Azure enables you to leverage a great deal of your Visual Studio and .NET expertise on an ‘infinitely scalable’ platform, but it’s important to realize the cloud is a different environment from traditional on-premises or hosted applications. Windows Azure provides new capabilities and features – like Azure storage and the AppFabric – that differentiate an application translated to Azure from one built for Azure. We’ll look at many of these platform features and examine tradeoffs in complexity, performance, and costs. 12:15 - Lunch 1:00 - Cloud Play Enough talk! Bring your laptop or pair with a friend, as we spend the afternoon with our heads (and laptops) in the cloud. Each attendee will receive a two-week “unlimited” Azure account to use during (and after) our instructor-led hands-on lab. During the lab you’ll reinforce the very concepts we discussed in the morning as you develop and deploy a compelling distributed computing application to Windows Azure. 4:00 p.m. The Silver Lining: Evaluations and Giveaways Registration & Details Use the links below to register for the Windows Azure Firestarter in the city closest to you. City Date Registration Tampa, FL November 8 REGISTER HERE! Alpharetta, GA November 10 REGISTER HERE! Charlotte, NC November 11 REGISTER HERE! Rochester, NY November 16 REGISTER HERE! Waltham, MA November 30 REGISTER HERE! New York, NY December 1 REGISTER HERE! Malvern, PA December 7 REGISTER HERE! Chevy Chase, MD December 9 REGISTER HERE! Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Windows Phone 7 Events

Want to learn more about developing for Windows Phone 7?  Check out his event series coming soon!   The event is broken down into two parts:  the Firestarter event which runs all day, then an evening event called the Windows Phone Garage… learn more below, and the registration links for both events in all the cities is at the bottom of the post: Morning Sessions: · Introduction to Windows Phone Development and the WP7 platform · Building Windows Phone 7 Applications with Silverlight · Building Windows Phone 7 Applications using XNA Lunch (included) Afternoon Sessions: · Monetizing Your Apps with Marketplace · Windows Phone 7 Services · Light Up Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone Garage| 6pm - 9pm This evening event is the opportunity for you to get started on that next killer app for Windows Phone 7, or put the finishing touches on your masterpiece. The Windows Phone Garage for mobile application developers follows the daytime Firestarter event. As you are designing, writing & testing your apps onsite, we’ll provide Windows Phone 7 experts (both Microsoft and community) to help you get things right. These experts will also present “quick hit” talks throughout the evening, containing tips and tricks on their experiences writing Windows Phone apps. It's the perfect opportunity to design and implement that cool new app you've been dreaming about, so bring your ideas and get ready to code. To learn more about the Phone Garage event or to register, click on an event city near you. Hurry, space is limited! For more information or to register, visit > OR CALL 1-877-MSEVENT Windows Phone 7 Firestarter Windows Phone 7 Garage To register, select a city To register, select a city Atlanta, GA 8/24/2010 Atlanta,GA 8/24/2010 Waltham, MA 8/24/2010 Waltham, MA 8/24/2010 Birmingham, AL 8/26/2010 Birmingham, AL 8/26/2010 Tampa, FL 8/31/2010 Tampa, FL 8/31/2010 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 9/2/2010 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 9/2/2010 New York, NY 9/7/2010 New York, NY 9/7/2010 Raleigh, NC 9/8/2010 Raleigh, NC 9/8/2010 Chevy Chase, MD 9/21/2010 Chevy Chase, MD 9/21/2010 Charlotte, NC 9/21/2010 Charlotte, NC 9/21/2010 Philadelphia, PA 9/22/2010 Philadelphia, PA 9/22/2010 Pittsburgh, PA 9/28/2010 Pittsburgh, PA 9/28/2010 Farmington, CT 9/30/2010 Farmington, CT 9/30/2010

.NET Rocks this Thursday

The .NET Rocks guys are coming on Thursday to Duke, and it’s not too late to register!  Here’s some more info, and to register, go here: Carl and Richard are loading up the DotNetMobile (a 30 foot RV) and driving to your town again to show off their favorite bits of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0! Richard talks about Web load testing and Carl talks about Silverlight 4.0 and multimedia. And to make the night even more fun, we’re going to bring a mystery rock star from the Visual Studio world to the event and interview them for a special .NET Rocks Road Trip show series. Along the way we’ll be giving away some great prizes, showing off some awesome technology and having a ton of laughs. So come out to the most fun you can have in a geeky evening – and learn a few things along the way about web load testing and Silverlight 4!

MSDN Events and Roadshows Coming Soon…

Top line:  March 3rd, we’ll be in Raleigh, and March 5th, we’ll be in Charlotte for our next MSDN Event and Southern Fried Roadshow.  This time it’s a full day of Azure – if you have an interest in cloud computing, be sure to come out!  See you then! MSDN Events presents:  Take Your Applications Sky High with Cloud Computing and the Windows Azure Platform Join your local MSDN Events team as we take a deep dive into cloud computing and the Windows Azure Platform. We’ll start with a developer-focused overview of this new platform and the cloud computing services that can be used either together or independently to build highly scalable applications. As the day unfolds, we’ll explore data storage, SQL Azure, and the basics of deployment with Windows Azure. Register today for these free, live sessions in your local area. SESSION 1: Overview of Cloud Computing and Windows Azure The Windows Azure platform is a set of high-performance cloud computing services that can be used together or independently and enable developers to leverage existing skills and familiar tools to develop cloud applications. In this session, we’ll provide a developer-focused overview of this new online service computing platform. We’ll explore the components, key features and real day-to-day benefits of Windows Azure. SESSION 2: Survey of Windows Azure Platform Storage Options Durable data storage is a key component of any cloud computing offering. The Windows Azure Platform offers many options, which can be used alone or in combination. Windows Azure itself offers ready-to-use and lightweight storage in the form of tables, blobs, and queues. Another choice for storage is SQL Azure, a true relational database in the cloud. In this session, we’ll explore the highlights of these implementations and how to both create and use storage in each form. We’ll give you guidance on choosing the right forms of storage for your application scenarios. SESSION 3: Going Live with your Azure Solution Windows Azure features a powerful, yet simple deployment model. By focusing on your application and abstracting away the infrastructure details, you can deploy almost any app with minimal fuss. In this session, we’ll walk you through the basics of Windows Azure deployment, including site monitoring, diagnostics and performance issues.

Mix09 Day 1 Wrap-up

No fancy pictures to post – for those, head over to flickr to see what’s going on at the Venetian.   After sitting in the keynote, 2 sessions, and hanging at the 3rd Place (open conversations area), having good conversations at breakfast/lunch and playing a bit of Rockband with my east-coast compatriots, I’m remembering why I love Mix so much! Here’s my impressions after day 1, in no particular order: 1) ASP.NET MVC 1.0 shipped.  This is a bit of a surprise as RC2 is only a few weeks old, but hey, ship it when it’s ready.  If you’ve been developing on any of the PR bits, beta bits, or RC bits, now is the time to upgrade.  The process will be either completely painless or involve a modicum of pain depending on how old your bits are.  :) 2) Superpreview: cool application to preview websites in different browsers.  Read more on the Expression blog.   What I liked was the onion-skinning and DOM tools to make it easier to troubleshoot problem spots in a site; but what really impressed me was the ability to use any locally installed browser as a rendering engine, OR a service in the cloud to simulate rending from (in theory) any other browser.  3) Silverlight 3.  Brad Abrams did a great session on building business applications in Silverlight 3.  You can download the bits from his blog, but I definitely recommend checking out his session when the video is posted.  Towards the end, he dives into creating a friendly search engine experience so that “critical” data within an application can still be indexed and permalinked.  (This has been a hang up I’ve heard from many people regarding the use of browser plug in to display data.)  Additionally, he does a nice demo of the great sitemap capabilities to aid in SEO.  Apparently Andrew can’t stay away from Billy, and I caught him doing this again, with Jeff Atwood on the drums.  Video quality is a bit lacking as I tried to snap this last second, but someone has a better video we’ll dig up soon.

MSDN Event Decks

Thanks to everyone who attended the MSDN events this week in NC!  I've uploaded the Azure, Debugging, and Mobility decks for you to look at -- shortly, I'll get the test projects uploaded as well -- stay tuned for that!Download Powerpoint Decks

MSDN Event: Raleigh and Charlotte

In about a week and half, I'll be doing two MSDN Events here in the Carolinas (2/10 in Raleigh, and 2/12 in Charlotte).   This lineup is pretty good if I do say so:First, you may remember that Glen Gordon and I did a Windows Mobility show some time ago.  It was really well received and in fact, we've heard from many people who wanted more content around Windows Mobile.  So, this MSDN event has a developing for Windows Mobile session!  Now, an hour session isn't quite the same as our all day event on mobility, but it should still be valuable.And, if you find yourself in the group of people who've heard about Windows Azure a hundred times but still don't know what the heck it is, the session "Demystifying Windows Azure" is a great way to get a real explanation of what it's about. The next session is (and I think you will agree) very unique.  It's a deeper talk on debugging tips.  Most of us fumble through debugging by setting breakpoints -- but this session will show you how you can really put the IDE and debugger to use, making your sessions much more effective.  Hope to see you there!

SQL Event in Charlotte Tomorrow

If you have an interest in SQL 2008, be sure to check out this event happening tomorrow in Charlotte: Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Sessions include: SQL Server 2008: Improvements in T-SQL SQL Server 2008: Accelerating SSAS Design and Performance SQL Server 2008: Policy-Based Management and Multi-Server Administration SQL Server 2008: Enabling Consolidation for the Enterprise Creating More Flexible and Richer Reports  in SSRS 2008   This event is being sponsored by Microsoft and the Charlotte and Greenville chapters of PASS. Presenters will include, but not limited to SQL Server MVPs, giving you a great opportunity to learn more about SQL Server from the experts.  Agenda Room Mt. Kilimanjaro Room Mt. Everest Noon Lunch and opening remarks by  Peter Shire, Charlotte SQL Server User Group President,  and Wayne Snyder PASS President 1:00 PM SQL Server 2008: Enabling Consolidation for the Enterprise.Rick Heiges (SQL Server MVP). Scalability Experts. Introduction to Dimensional Modeling. Wayne Snyder (SQL Server MVP), Rafael Salas (SQL Server MVP). Mariner 2:15 PM T-SQL Improvements And Data Types.Alejandro Mesa (SQL Server MVP). Bank Of America Accelerating SSAS Design and Performance. David Botzenhart. Mariner. 3:30 PM SQL Server 2008: Policy-Based Management and Auditing. Paul Waters. Ameco Creating More Flexible and Richer Reports.John Welch (SQL Server MVP). Mariner 4:30 PM Prizes and networking

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